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  • 牛津高中英语重点句子汇编 (M1-11)
    1.What is your dream school like?
    2.Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable and exciting   
    experience for me...
    3.He also told us that the best way to earn respect from the school was to work hard
    and achieve high grades.
    4.It was difficult to remember all the faces and names.
    5.I found the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school,
    6.I was glad that all my classmates enjoyed the cake that I made.
    7.Cooking was really fun as I learned how to buy, prepare and cook food.
    8.I was very lucky to experience this different way of life…
    9.I would very much like to be your penfriend.
    10.Would you please be my guide if I travel to your city?
    11.I can’t go home until my mum gets home from work.
    12.Our club is much more than just music.

    1.Suddenly a door opens and a soccer ball flies through the room. Eric runs in after it, followed by a big dog, walking very slowly.
    2. You weren’t supposed to come home until tomorrow!
    3.The room is a mess, with pizza boxes on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink.
    4.Daniel, we thought you were an adult, a person from whom we could expect good decisions…
    5.Eric sits on his bed looking at Daniel, who has his arm crossed and looks angry.
    6.Remember to pay attention to the instructions such as ‘shouting angrily’ or ‘sounding very angry’.
    7.Thank you for your help and good advice, George.
    8.What’s up?

    1.Eating more fruit makes me feel better.
    2.Do you think we can change our appearance by wearing different clothes?
    3.Which do you think is more important, eating well or doing exercise?
    4.I used to go to the gym three times a week, but I don’t work out any more.
    5.She says health is priceless.
    6.I follow my doctor’s advice and exercise for at least half an hour every day.
    7.I’m feeling better now.
    8.Nothing is more important than health.
    9.I’m becoming slimmer and slimmer.
    10.I’ve lost 7 kg in the last two months. However, sometimes, I feel tired and weak.
    11.We shouldn’t be embarrassed about our weight.
    12.The truth is, the diet and lifestyle of teenagers are often a headache to adults.
    13.I know another way to stay slim.
    14.Exercise is something that can help to make you look good, feel good and be healthy.
    15.Experts suggest that teenagers spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week.
    16.This is really a touching story — a stranger who donated part of his liver to a girl he doesn’t even know.

    1.Boy missing, police puzzled
    2.People have shown great interest in his disappearance due to sightings of puzzling lights in the sky and reports of alien visits around the time of his disappearance.
    3.However, police found that Justin did in fact return home on Friday night at about 11 p.m.
    4.I didn’t see him but I heard him put on his favourite CD.
    5.According to Kelly, a bright light then appeared outside her window.
    6.Standing inside were lots of white-skinned, strange-looking creatures with large black eyes.
    7.I’m sure the aliens took him, but my parents said I was only dreaming.
    8.Police have not ruled out the possibility that Justin was taken by aliens, but are also looking into other possibilities.
    9.How did you find out about Best Book Club?
    10.Which topics are you interested in?
    11.I’d like to ask you a few questions about your new book.
    12.I’d like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. It’s for/to…

    1.We’ll live with the local people in their villages, and eat and drink whatever they do, including cow’s blood.
    2.During the day, we’ll walk across the land, following the footprints of big animals such as elephants, lions and giraffes.
    3.I can’t wait to …
    4.You have to wear special clothing, a helmet and a life jacket, just in case your raft gets turned upside down or sinks.
    5.We’ll try to get as close as possible to the animals, even though they are dangerous, so that I can take some really good photos.
    6.Would you like the chance to discover a place of mystery and beauty in the southwest of China?
    7.He described a beautiful kingdom where three rivers joined together, snow-capped mountains reached to the sky, and fields of long grass covered the earth.
    8.Lakes, surrounded by vast grasslands, look like jewels.
    9.In this heavenly world, people live in perfect harmony with nature and the outside world is forgotten.

    1.By the 1920s, he had become an explorer, searching for the tombs of the Egyptian  kings.
    2.Upon entering the tomb, Carter’s lucky pet bird, which led him to the place, was eaten by a snake.
    3.If breathed in, they can result in illness or even death.
    4.The people of China can be proud of Yang Liwei and young people all over the world can look up to him as an example of a man who managed to live his dream.
    5.All my years of training as an explorer have finally paid off.
    6.Within seven years, 21 people who had something to do with the opening of the tomb died.
    7.Although Yang did not actually get the best scores on every single test, it was his high scores on the psychological tests that finally won him his position as China’s first astronaut.
    8.He took all kinds of tests to prove he was qualified for this important task.
    9.The people of China can be proud of Yang Liwei and young people all over the world can look up to him as an example of a man who managed to live his dream.

    1.However, even if we have good senses, they can still confuse us.
    2.How far are you going?
    3.Have a good day.
    4.The tall man was nowhere to be seen.
    5.She could feel her heart beating with fear.
    6.The truth is that the fog is too thick for the bus to run that far.
    7.Watch out for the step here.
    8.It’s very nice of you, but I’ll be off.
    9.Would you like to come in and rest for a while?
    10.It’s a perfect day today, don’t you think?
    11.The weather is certainly unpredictable lately.
    12.While having dinner, listen to some enjoyable music rather than watch TV.
    13.Before going to bed, turn the lights down.
    14.The chances of being attacked by a shark are very small compared to other dangers.

    1.Language, in its broad sense, is a way information is transmitted.
    2.All creatures, including animals and insects, can talk!
    3.That is why English is a language with so many confusing rules.
    4.The English language is made up of the rules and vocabulary each group of people brought to Britain with them.
    5.Despite this fact, French still had an impact on the English language.
    6.However, not all characters are used to describe objects.
    7.I look forward to your answer.
    8.Looking up every new word will certainly be a waste of time.
    9.The Chinese language differs from many Western languages in that it uses characters which have meanings and stand alone as words.
    10.What you predict will depend on what questions you ask.

    1.I feel lucky to have won a place on this trip.
    2.Next week we are flying to China, and going to Loulan, which is known as China’s Pompeii in the desert.
    3.Unfortunately, all the people were buried alive, and so was the city!
    4.It is hard to imagine how this quiet volcano destroyed the whole city!
    5.I was too tired to eat anything we were given.
    6.I was very hungry by the time we arrived.
    7.It is believed by many people to have been gradually covered over by sandstorms from AD 200 to AD 500.
    8.As you know, China has many historical sites and some of them are being kept for exploration.
    9.As early as 200 BC, the Silk Road, which was the route for trade between the East and the West, was in use.

    1.You many have seen pictures similar to the ones below because they are all advertisements.
    2.Below is an article about advertisements written by a student for her English project.
    3.We are so used to them that we often do not even realize how many we see and hear in a day.
    4.A commercial advertisement is one which someone has paid for to promote a product or service.
    5.PSAs are often placed for free, and are intended to educate people about health, safety, or any other issue which affects public welfare.
    6.Yes to life, no to drugs.
    7.Knowledge changes life.
    8.The company can then choose the right product to produce, the one which expected to be most popular with consumers.
    9.I recommend that we purchase 10 copies for the library.
    10.Have you ever regretted not having snapped those unforgettable moments?
    11.In order to determine your audience, you will need to do a little research.
    12.There are lots of different ways to get your message across when you are putting together an ad campaign.

    1.I am delighted to have been invited to your school to talk to you about the history and significance of the Olympic Games.
    2.Join me in wishing the Olympic movement a successful future to match its glorious past.
    3.Now, would anyone like to ask a question?
    4.I advise you to do …
    5.I advise/ suggest (that) you (should) do …
    6.My advice/ suggestion to you is that you (should) do …
    7.If I were you, I would …
    8.I suggest your doing …
    9.Don’t you think it’s a good idea to do …
    10.Why don’t you do …/ Why not do …
    11.Shall I/ we …
    12.How/ What about …
    13.Will … do?
    14.That’s not all.
    15.Which ones are out?
    16.Which ones are in?

    1.With the rapid development of science and technology, some of our wildest dreams could come true in the future.
    2.Imagine the viewer is a character in an interactive film set in the Himalayas.
    3.Not only is every step of climbing Mount Qomolangma felt by the viewer, but also the cold, the tiredness, the food, the smells, the sights and the sounds of the mountain can all be experienced.
    4.Teachers could bring history alive by placing students in a famous battle, or they could teach biology by allowing students to be a whale or an ant for a lesson.
    5.To achieve this, special VR headsets are designed to enable the viewers to see a world of 3D animation and hear the sounds clearly, all around them.
    6.Besides films, VR might also have some other uses.
    7.I think viewers will be impressed by a film that allows them to be a character in the film.
    8.If the PC (no. 7) I was using had had a good keyboard, I would not have made so many mistakes.
    9.During their journey, the professor and his nephew come across the Central Sea, a big underground ocean.
    10.Zheng is wildly recognized as ‘the father of Chinese science fiction’.

    1.How do you get on with your friends?
    2.I must have sounded very proud of myself after the test.
    3.Football is very important to me, but so is our friendship.
    4.You have every right to feel betrayed by your friend if she did tell your secret to others, but it seems unlikely that she did.
    5.If so, the problem lies with you, not her.
    6.Each player should play to their strengths.
    7.I have no doubt (that) he will succeed.
    8.Maybe one day he will make it to the Olympics!
    9.That’s a good point.
    10.You’ve got a point.
    11.I see things slightly differently.
    12.I take your point, but …
    13.What in the world do they have to talk about?
    14.It is likely that the two share little about their feelings with one another.

    1.It would be beneficial to expand our recycling industry, and teach people about environmentally friendly way of living.
    2.What we need is more effective laws to preserve the environment, which still allow the economy to grow.
    3.It would be a shame if they were destroyed because of people’s activities in the park.
    4.I’m delighted by your newspaper’s decision to start a campaign for protect the environment.
    5.What can you do to help clear up the environment?
    6.Personally, I agree/disagree because…. What do you think?
    7.I don’t think it has to be a choice.
    8.But do you think that is possible?
    9.Don’t you think that is the best solution?
    10.From my point of view it seems that…
    11.It seems to me that…
    12.I believe/ think that…

    1.What do you think?
    2.What are your thoughts on this topic?
    3.Don’t you think so?
    4.Do you feel the same about….?
    5.Is that your opinion too?
    6.Another argument is that…
    7.Another way of looking at it is…
    8.I am writing in response to…
    9.I would be grateful if you could…
    10.But what about…?
    11.On the other hand, …
    12.Have you thought about….?
    13.I hope you would…
    14.If I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby tomorrow.
    15.If we interfere with nature, we will have to deal with the consequences.
    16.I think cloning that is done by scientists is dangerous.
    17.Not everything that is best for nature is good for people.
    18.It should not be a question of humans winning and nature losing.

    1.Which of the events above do you think will be the funniest?
    2. …, why not study with a real old master!
    3.Whatever the reason, research shows that in the end, the English saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ may be true after all.
    4.It seems appropriate that he got his start in silent films!
    5.Servant re-enters, with something behind his or her back.
    6.What they found is surprising.
    7.People around the world enjoy watching him when he hosts the Academy Awards.
    8.The students begin their training by listening to and copying traditional pieces of crosstalk.
    9.You are always making the same mistakes.
    10.The audience have been waiting an hour for the show to star.
    11.I must have forgotten to tell you.
    12.Doctors have been researching what effect stand-up and other forms of comedy have on           us. You are always making the same mistakes.
    13.The audience have been waiting an hour for the show to star.

    1.To some, happiness is being surrounded by family and friends.
    2.I understand that you often use the example of the gymnast Sang Lan.
    3.In case some of our viewers don’t know her story, can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan and who she is?
    4.By the time she competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, she had been a dedicated junior gymnast for eleven years.
    5.That must have been difficult for her.
    6.And how has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?
    7.She believes that keeping busy helps her to stay positive.
    8.When I imagine my future, I see myself successful in my job and surrounded by my family.
    9.All I had to do was enjoy my adolescence.
    10.I remember sometimes feeling in a rush to grow up and be independent.
    11.It’s hard to focus on being happy when you are a teenager!
    12.At that point in my life, I could have done anything or become anyone.
    13.My most vivid and happiest memories are those of school days.
    14.One common solution is….

    1.When Dutch people meet, they kiss each other one check and then the other.
    2.In South America, you can expect to be hugged when you meet someone.
    3.Our American teacher is always talking about Thanksgiving and the huge turkey they eat
    4.If you had joined the chat room ten minutes ago , you would have known what we were talking about!
    5.It’s rude/impolite to shake hands or give someone something with your left hand.
    6.Isn’t it strange t hat there are so many cultural differences?
    7.One reason that there are so many French words in English is that the French ruled England for quite a number of years
    8..If I could have told you about cultural differences between Italy and the UK, I would have.
    9.While staying with the Inuit people you will have the chance to ride on a dog sled.

    1.This flooding was caused by a typhoon.
    2.I feel very honoured to have been able to take on this role.
    3.One of the goals is to make sure that fresh drinking water is available to everyone.
    4.Arrived here to find everything was in chaos.
    5.If everyone spoke the same language, people would live in harmony with each other.

    1.With mobile phones, we can keep in touch with others wherever we are.
    2.It took 50 years before 66 per cent of American households had it.
    3.Some consider digital TV to be superior to satellite TV.
    4.In 1982, the first CDs produced by using digital technology were made available.
    5.I can’t imagine living without TV!
    6.But it’s up to you to choose good programs!
    7.Be careful not to press “delete” by accident/ mistake!
    8.I wonder if you could help me.
    9.I would like to know how much the latest models cost.
    10.I would suggest that you buy the first one.
    11.Does it matter how long you use them for?
    12.That does not necessarily mean that they should be used without caution.
    13.For the time being, at least, I see no scientific reason to stop using my own mobile phone.

    1.If you open up any medicine cupboard in the world, there is a high probability that you will find aspirin and penicillin.
    2.It was in 1875 that a European chemist called Doctor Felix Hoffmann produced acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) from some other chemicals to make a medicine for his father.
    3.Not only has aspirin saved many people’s lives by reducing fever and helping stop pain, but there are also other things that aspirin can help with.
    4.Lawrence Craven, a doctor from the USA, is the author of several published reports, one of which introduced the idea in 1953 that aspirin could reduce the risk of heart attacks by thinning blood.
    5.However, it was not until World War II that two other scientists, Howard Florey (Australian) and Ernst Chain (German-born English), managed to use new chemical techniques to purify it.
    6.How acupuncture reduces and relieves pain is unclear.
    7.One theory suggests that acupuncture blocks pain signals from reaching the spinal cord brain.

    1.That is to say, I believe that the Internet has positive effects on our lives.
    2.When people are in need of information, from current affairs and weather forecasts to travel packages and academic research.
    3.They say children spend too much time chatting and playing games instead of focusing on their school work.
    4.I believe the Internet remains a positive tool that helps make our lives better.
    5.The main drawbacks of the Internet I will address today are uncontrolled information and the change in the way people spend their time.
    6.Some young people spend so much time playing computer games and using the Internet that they have become addicted to computer games.
    7.To help solve this problem, a clinic to deal with Internet addiction was opened in Beijing in 2005.
    8.Today I feel worn out.
    9.People stayed silent and listened to us, and applauded at the end.
    10.I am eager to debate again because today proved very successful.

    1.Why do you think people would choose to travel by aeroplane rather than by ship?
    2.Welcome to the London Underground, or as it is commonly known, The Tube.
    3.It was decided that the Metropolitan Railway Company could build an underground railway between Paddington and Farringdon.
    4.Traveling on these lines was inconvenient, though, as each line was separately owned and many were very far from each other.
    5.Having seen the situation, a wealthy American businessman, Charles Yerkes, tried to improve the system by buying many of the different lines.
    6.The last line added was the Jubilee Line in 1977 in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s crowning.
    7.The number of road accidents and the deaths arising from those accidents has increased greatly over the past year.
    8.When on the pavement, cyclists should walk next to their bicycles to avoid causing any accidents.
    9.Carrying more than a light load on your bicycle or overloading it makes it unsteady and more difficult to control.
    10.It’s up to all of us road users to make sure that we avoid accidents.

    1.They are examples of great writing and wisdom, and even those written centuries ago can still be found in bookshops and libraries today.
    2.I don’t think that these classic novels would be made into films if they had nothing to do with life today.
    3.He died in 1870 and his tomb reads, ‘By his death, one of England’s greatest writers is lost to the world.’
    4.Pip’s sister seldom has a kind word to say, but Joe is a kind and simple man, who would rather die than see any harm come to Pip.
    5.Pip is about eighteen years old when this happens, and the fortune sets him free from financial worries.
    6.Pip makes the abrupt decision to move from Kent, which is s constant remainder of his shabby beginnings, to the bright lights of London.
    7.Excited by his move to London, Pip can hardly wait to begin his new life.
    8.Money and education have changed him, and before long he develops the shortcomings of being shallow and having prejudice, even against his old companions.
    9.Pip dislikes it when Joe comes to visit him in London.
    10.He has rigid ideas of what it means to be civil and to be gentleman, and is embarrassed by Joe because he does not fit these.

    1.Have you ever watched an opera?
    2.It starred some of the world’s greatest opera singers.
    3.Just imagine performing such an opera in the Forbidden City ----There could not be a better setting!
    4.The story then takes on a classic love triangle featuring Calaf, Turandot and Liu.
    5.Then Calaf says his own name aloud, leaving his future in Torandot’s hands.
    6.The opera finishes with a beautiful-sung final duet, which was so moving that audience fell silent.
    7.It was a real privilege for me to be cast.
    8.It was fashionable for fans to wear the same clothing as the Beatles did.
    9.It depends on what kind of opera you are talking about.
    10.Have you ever been to a Chinese opera/any musical events or seen any on TV?
    11.How important do you think music is for people today?
    12.My column today takes a brief look at how Western pop music evolved over the last one hundred years from jazz to rock.

    1.The trip has been fantastic!
    2.As you know, I am with my aunt and grandmother.
    3.I was amazed to learn that Picasso produced more than 20,000 pieces of art and that he was not just a painter.
    4.He developed different styles of painting, including cubism.
    5.Although we adore his work today, Van Gogh was not successful while he was alive.
    6.Aunt really enjoyed France and so did I.
    7.Wanting to stay in a hotel in an old castle, we tried to make a reservation.
    8.However, that hotel was booked full.
    9.Hardly had we left the dormitory the next morning when we realized we had forgot our map in the room.
    10.Had you come with us, I think you would have enjoyed Europe too.
    11.It was while at the New York School of Art that he experimented with different materials such as cloth and plastic in his paintings.
    12.It is an important painting that should not be missed.
    13.Once the string has dried on the card, you could paint different parts of the string.
    14.This may sound disgusting to some, but it’s really quite clean and fun
    15.Why not have a go at some of the ideas above and then try out some ideas of your own?
    16.Have fun!

    1.Joining us in the studio are Isabel Rose from the Cannes Film Festival, Hanz Muller from the Berlin International Film Festival.
    2.Maria, do tell us a little about the Venice Film Festival.
    3.I hate to interrupt you, but in defense of Venice Film Festival, I have to point out that we don’t just feature Hollywood films.
    4.It was then that Robert Redford took over and changed the focus to saluting independent films.
    5.While there is no restriction on foreign entries, those that win are in the majority.
    6.It gives me great satisfaction that my uncle is finally realizing his dream and attaining success.
    7.Contrary to this, Harry finds out that his father was a wizard, and that his mother was a witch, both of whom were actually killed by an evil wizard.
    8.I think this is more to highlight the advanced special effects than to help the film’s plot.
    9.Much of this early part of the film could have been skipped and more time could have been spent at Hogwarts.

    1.Learning about other countries and their cultures is a particularly enriching experience.
    2.On the eastern and western boundaries, the country borders the two great oceans—the Atlantic and the Pacific.
    3.You will be thrilled by Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton—all known internationally for their metropolitan lifestyle, beautiful architecture and unique culture.
    4.The waterfalls, the largest of which is shaped like a semicircle, are 670 metres wide, and fall 56 metres in an awesome white sheet of water..
    5.There are many maple trees in Canada and a maple leaf is featured on the Canadian flag..
    6.Montreal, a port in the province of Quebec, is the second largest city in Canada, and also the second largest French-speaking city in the world, Paris being the largest.
    7.Many people owe their love of sport to the perfect weather conditions for it..
    8.Among the most impressive athletes were the swimmers, but all of the athletes were worthy of praise.

    1.The Acropolis is no different.
    2.No one has had a greater impact on Western civilization than the ancient Greeks.
    3.In particular, we associate ancient Greek civilization with the capital city of Athens, the greatest symbol of which is the Acropolis.
    4.In fact, the restoration was so bad that it made some of the buildings less secure than they had been before.
    5.By learning about damage prevention, people will be able to enjoy this historic monument for generations to come.
    6.Buried there are the remains of five emperors, their wives and other royal family members.
    7.My impression was that it was …
    8.I liked the part about …
    9.I felt the … was …
    10.In my opinion, it was …
    11.As I was saying …
    12.You need to remember …
    14.What I mean is …
    15.Let me give you an example …

    1.Different countries are associated with different colors.
    2.White is the traditional color for weddings in the West, while in the East, it is red.
    3.These flags are more than just colorful pieces of cloth and thread sewn together.
    4.People had far more freedom and all people were considered equal.
    5.The French Revolution was successful in ridding society of inequality, which had a great effect on many other countries, particularly those in Europe.
    6.As taxpayers, they felt they could no longer tolerate not having a say in the government.
    7.On the negative side, green can show envy.
    8.Therefore, the next time you choose an outfit, you should not be arbitrary about what you pick.

    1.In honor of his return, ….
    2.Children are often referred to as ‘apple of their parents’ eye’.
    3.In other words, if you are not honest, then you are worth nothing.
    4.He/She is said/supposed to …
    5.He/She is known/described/pictured as …
    6.He was made into a saint.
    7.This is the man Father Christmas is based on..
    8.You start the story to get your readers interested.
    9.On both sides of the courtyard are a number of different halls.
    10.It sounds like frog croaking.
    11.Make an action plan so you can improve on them.
    12.According to the stories, he/she  …
    13.There will be great suffering and burdens for people to bear.
    14.The early bird catches the worm.
    15.Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ.
    16.Don’t count your chickens until they are hatched.
    17.Make hat while the sun shines.

    1.In fact, hunger is the number one global health risk, killing more people than any disease.
    2.It is without doubt an amazing achievement, but is it enough?
    3.It is merely a short-term solution to a long-term problem.
    4.There is a saying goes ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’
    5.Another important thing to remember is that the future of developing countries lies in the hands of children.
    6.Why is food aid alone not enough to help poor countries?
    7.Furthermore, we are collecting clothing to give to those in need.
    8.Passers-by can also enter the contests that are part of the Grand Opening.
    9.Why is it important to look after the environment?
    10.In many parts of the world, tentative steps are being taken to introduce these forms of renewable energy.

    1.Older Americans are on the move.
    2.Throughout the Midwest and the North-east, people aged 60 and over are packing their bags and heading south along the freeway to states like Florida.
    3.According to the national population survey conducted in 2000, Florida was home to the largest population of people aged 65 and over.
    4.People give a variety of reasons, from wanting better health care to looking for communities of older people.
    5.For example, ambulance response time has decreased, and many houses have bathrooms designed for elderly homeowners, with things like walk-in bathtubs that reduce the risk of slips and falls.
    6.Adaptations such as these are making Florida even more attractive to older people.
    7.No group is associated with moving and traveling more than the Roma, who have been wandering Europe and Asia since the eleventh century.
    8.Unable to practise their traditions, many young Roma took to illegal behavior, such as stealing, and were usually the main suspects when anything went missing.
    9.As Europe entered the twentieth century, prejudice against the Roma continued.
    10.Partly to compensate for past prejudice, these countries are now trying to help the Roma preserve their history, language and culture.

    1.Aids is caused by a virus called HIV, which enters a person’s blood and attacks the body’s immune system.
    2.Since the disease was discovered in the 1980s, it had become a serious problem in many places, infecting over 60 million people worldwide.
    3.In 2003, the government also started providing free drugs for Aids patients in need.
    4.It is estimated that between 2000 and 2020, over 68 million people will die of Aids in the countries most affected by this epidemic.
    5.He believes that educating people at risk, as well as treating infected people, is the key to stopping the disease in the future.
    6.Taking drugs can begin as a youthful experiment, but it often ends in a messy situation.
    7.There are three main classes of drugs, each of which has a different effect on the body.
    8.Alcohol is also classified as a downer, and although it is legal, it can damage the liver and do great harm if consumed in large quantities.

    1.Ladies and Gentlemen, as the Internet has expanded in recent years, the opportunities for crime have as well.
    2.The problem has become so severe that all internet users are affected by it either directly or indirectly.
    3.Large companies are ripe targets for cybercriminals, who are often IT experts.
    4.Furthermore, we can say with accuracy that, cybercrime is costing business worldwide hundreds of billions of dollars annually.
    5.Considering how bad the situation with cybercrime against companies has got, many people wonder why so little is known about this.
    6.We would like to draw your attention to the following regarding use of computers within the company.
    7.An example of this is raw material, which is not worth much until it is made into a car, and the knowledge of how to make the motor, body, and wheels of the car is even more valuable.
    8.In 2003, it was estimated that 35 per cent of software on computers was pirated, which equaled a loss of $29 billion for the original producers.

    1.When choosing a career, you should consider all the aspects of a job.
    2.Some jobs may seem very difficult but are very important to society, while others can appear very exciting but actually very difficult and boring.
    3.In reality, these people have to spend long hours traveling, with all their baggage packed in suitcases or trunks, and only a very small number of them are successful.
    4.Also, sometimes as a boss in the business world, you have to make difficult decisions that hurt people, and being a lawyer can involve facing tough moral issues.
    5.Similarly, many ordinary jobs may look dull, but they are as essential as water to our society.
    6.For example, if no one was to collect the rubbish, the streets would soon become very dirty and unpleasant, the number of rats would increase, and disease would spread.
    7.When you think about your future career, remember that glamorous jobs can be rather difficult and that some ordinary jobs can be quite important.
    8.All of them together, though, help society function.

    1.It’s set up so that the interviewer can assess the interviewee and see if he or she is suitable for the position.
    2.A good interviewer is able to tell very quickly if you’ve done your homework about the company.
    3.There’s never a good excuse for being late.
    4.We’re almost finished now, but…
    5.Didn’t he also say we should follow up the interview by writing to the company?
    6.I no longer call myself a graduate but a company employee.
    7.Would it be possible to share your taxi?
    8.We specialize in anti-virus software development.
    9.I am writing in response to your advertisement in ….
    10.I have no problem communicating with English speakers.
    11.My CV is enclosed for your reference.
    12.The following is a list of personal qualities that are commonly seen in job advertisements.
    13.He found living among local people there to be challenging but rewarding.
    14.It is now widely accepted that ….

    1.I have made many discoveries that have helped cure diseases.
    2.I have been mayor for three years.
    3.Sinclair was blessed with brains and spent much of his time educating himself.
    4.Sinclair’s big picture was to produce in bulk and to sell cheaply so that everyone could afford electronic goods.
    5.As soon as he advertised, the company was flooded with demands for the little, cubic-shaped radios.
    6.By the end of eight months, Sinclair had sold more than 20,000 ZX80 computers, making it a real hit.
    7.The company expanded rapidly, and he even had to open a new center in the USA to cope with the increased demand..
    8.When Sinclair joined in 1959, membership was falling, and the society was on its last legs.
    9.He was honored in 1983 with a knighthood from the Queen of England in recognition of his efforts and achievements.

    1.First, I would like to say hello to you all.
    2.I found that choosing a university abroad can be difficult—it is a jungle out there!
    3.When I went home for the holidays, I felt a bit like the prodigal son returning.
    4.Living on my own, I also learnt to control the amount of money I spend each week.
    5.In fact, some of my friends say I am a bit of a Scrooge.
    6.The kitchen was so small that I joked with my friends that it could be measured in millimeters.
    7.When you are planning for university, look forward instead of backwards.
    8.If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to write to me.
    9.The grounds are landscaped with a small lake and places to walk, sit and relax.
    10.This means that our timetable is arranged carefully for each student.
    11.We encourage each student to take up a new sport or to try a new form of exercise.
    12.They are very spacious and equipped with washing and shower facilities, with two to four students sharing a room.
    13.We promise that we will help you get the best out of your education to ensure you a bright future.